Learning Support Coach

Ref No. TLKFB00050
Salary £21,000 - £23,000/annum
Location Bedfordshire, England
Job type Permanent
Job Status Not Specified


Do you enjoy motivating others towards reaching their full learning potential? If you have excellent people skills and experience in mentoring/coaching this could be the role for you!



Must have the relevant experience

The Job

The role

We are looking for an inspiring Learning Support Coach to motivate learners toward reaching their full potential within our successful Training Courses.

In this role, you will be responsible for evaluating individual needs, motivating learners to work towards their goals, and monitoring their progress.

You may also be required to help learners adjust to intensive learning environments. Success Coaches should possess experience of working with people from all parts of society including those in receipt of government benefits.

Key responsibilities:

* Determining the personal and professional goals of individual learners and identifying potential challenges.

* Developing realistic and effective strategies toward realising goals.

* Providing goal-oriented guidance and steps to success, as well as encouraging active participation.

* Facilitating follow-up sessions and integrating feedback.

* Performing progress assessments and utilising motivation techniques.

* Encouraging learners by recognising milestones and mitigating challenges that hinder progress.

* Promoting success-enhancing cognitive, psychological, and physical habits and routines.

* Consulting and collaborating with other stakeholders on client's progress, where relevant.

* Regularly reporting on the progress made and results obtained with the management team.

* Pursuing continued professional development and keeping abreast of advancements in the field.

* Provide assistance and guidance with employability skills, including offering advice with CVs and applications.

* Host group tutorials online to complement learning and develop soft skills.

What we're looking for:

* A flexible approach to working hours (Some evening work may be required).

* Experience in providing pastoral care and support to learners or in the public sector.

* The ability to determine individual goals and develop goal-oriented steps.

* Knowledge of motivation techniques and success-enhancement strategies.

* Proficiency in Software or Data analysis would be advantageous (but not essential).

* Ability to monitor progress and mitigate factors hindering progress.

* Proficiency in keeping up with advancements in the field of success coaching.

* Excellent record-keeping, interpersonal, and communication skills.

* Experience in delivering tutorial sessions to groups of learners if desirable

Evie Duck
manages this role


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