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Elected for the IfL Advisory Council

28/11/2011 16:32:36

Charlotte Nancarrow

The Institute for Learning (IfL) has announced the results of its elections for 19 vacancies and we are delighted to announce that Charlotte Nancarrow has been elected to the IfL Advisory Council.

As of Friday (2nd December) Charlotte’s main role will be as a member of the Advisory Council who will meet with other members three times a year to discuss policy issues and shape IfL’s strategy. Through a combination of workshops, seminars and plenary sessions Charlotte will make recommendations to the Non-Executive Board.

Other key responsibilities for Charlotte include:

  • Promoting Post Compulsory Education and Training
  • Promoting the enhancement and maintenance of quality provision, standards and practice in teaching and learning
  • Enhancing the standing of the profession
  • Promoting the range of IfL's benefits to its members
  • Promoting and heightening the public perception of teaching and learning across the sector
  • Promoting exemplary teaching and learning practice
  • Strengthening and building relationships both new and existing

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